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Great Schools, Low Crime and Open Spaces: Top the 3 Main Reasons Why People Look to Buy a Home in Coconut Grove!

December 5, 2017
buy a home in coconut grove


Coconut Grove is one of those places that the first time you visit, you’ll wonder why you don’t live there yet. It’s appealing to those in all walks of life, from busy young professionals to growing families and retirees. It may be the calming sea breezes, the swaying palm trees, the charming brunch spots or the upscale sidewalk boutiques that draw people here. It could be the incredible views of Biscayne Bay, the weather, the community or the laid-back beach lifestyle that makes people want to live here.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly the key features that make the neighborhood of Coconut Grove such an ideal place to live, but if we had to pick three, we’d say these: high-performing schools, low crime rate and open green spaces.


Families with kids — and families with future kids — put living in a good school district on the top of their list when searching for a new home. They want the best educational opportunities available, whether that means private or public schools. They want their children to thrive academically, giving them the best opportunities to get into great colleges and pursue the career of their dreams. Coconut Grove Elementary earned 8 stars out of 10, ranking highest in student diversity, test scores, and student progress. Middle and high schools also earned top scores, including public, private, Montessori and charter schools. Faith-based schools like Saint Hugh Catholic are also common in the area and have been recognized nationally for their academics and athletics.

coconut grove elementary school

student progress coconut grove elementary school


The only thing more important to parents than a great school is the overall safety of their family. Coconut Grove’s exceptionally low crime rate makes it an easy choice for homebuyers looking to buy in the South Florida area. Of course, buyers without children want to make an investment in a stable, secure environment, too. Coconut Grove hunters can rest easy knowing the overall crime rate in the area is 28 percent lower than the national average. Named “Safest Neighborhood in Miami” by NeighborhoodScout., it ranks safer than 70 percent of all U.S. neighborhoods. With well-lighted streets, vigilant neighbors and traffic-calming measures, Coconut Grove is a clear winner for safety.

crime rate coconut grove




To get the full “waterfront living lifestyle,” you have to be able to enjoy your own private space without feeling cramped or too close to your neighbors. Homebuyers love Coconut Grove not only because the homes are massive, but so are the lots. Coconut Grove is not a cookie-cutter community; every home is unique, with rich vegetation offering private backyards and tropical ambiance.

Coconut Grove homes are surrounded by Miami’s largest parks and vast stretches of undeveloped waterfront. Several restaurants are situated directly on the marina, and for those looking to sail, there’s no better place to dock than the Grove. There are scores of restaurants, coffee shops, nightlife and boutique retail spaces, but the banyan trees, open grassy knolls and undeveloped areas give this neighborhood a fresh, peaceful atmosphere like nowhere else in the city.

4100 KIAORA STREET, Coconut Grove, FL, 33133

4100 KIAORA STREET, Coconut Grove , FL 33133

3080 Munroe Dr, Coconut Grove, FL, 33133

homebuyers adore coconut grove homes

3650 Stewart Ave, Coconut Grove, FL, 33133

buy a home in coconut grove

People move to Miami for the beautiful scenery, the beautiful people, the diverse culture, the vibrant nightlife, the mouth-watering food and the heart pumping music. People move to Coconut Grove so that they have a luxurious and slower-paced place to come home to. If you’ve been thinking about putting your roots down in Miami, Coconut Grove is the perfect place to live, work and play.


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