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The Ultimate Coconut Grove Lifestyle Guide

February 1, 2018
The Ultimate Coconut Grove Lifestyle Guide

Coconut Grove Lifestyle Guide

Coconut Grove is a tropical oasis and escape from usual city life. The location, in the middle of Miami, would seem like an urban paradise but Coconut Grove is a separate and quaint space for relaxing and enjoying a tropical oasis. This quick guide to the Coconut Grove lifestyle covers all that the neighborhood has to offer and reflects the neighborhood’s bohemian flair with tropical accents. There’s something for everyone in Coconut Grove from nightlife hot spots to family friendly entertainment and a shopping mall in the center of the neighborhood, Coconut Grove is a destination in Miami.

Night life in Miami’s Coconut Grove Neighborhood

Coconut Grove Lifestyle Guide - Night life in Miami Coconut Grove Neighborhood

There’s plenty to do in Coconut Grove, with something for everyone from casual dining and entertainment to high end fine dining and classy events. There’s a variety of casual dining featuring food from all over the world with pizza, tacos, and even a Mardi Gras atmosphere at Fat Tuesday. There are several restaurants that become nightlife friendly like The Grove Spot, a grand cafe with indoor and outdoor seating as well as a full liquor bar. Oasis Lounge and Hookah Bar is another great afternoon and evening spot located in the heart of the neighborhood. There’s plenty to do here from the hookah lounge to pool tables, outdoor patio seating, and a selection of alcoholic beverages.

Entertainment in Miami’s Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove Lifestyle Guide - Family events and entertainment in Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is very family friendly and has plenty to entertain every age. Cinepolis offers a traditional movie going experience with the addition of reserved seating, gourmet food options, and adult beverages. This is perfect for a family outing, extended family gathering, or just an elevated afternoon at the movies. The Coconut Grove Arts Festival is a yearly event celebrating art and the neighborhood. The exhibits highlight established and emerging artists all local to the Florida area. This event also supports local art education and is a great way to enjoy the neighborhood, the weather, and the community.

Shopping in Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove Lifestyle Guide - View of Cocowalk entrance

There is one place everyone must shop in Coconut Grove, the iconic CocoWalk. This is an outdoor mall and it goes beyond the usual mall vibe by becoming the center hub of the neighborhood. CocoWalk is the perfect place to enjoy Coconut Grove for a variety of dining, shopping, and seeing a movie on one of 13 screens. This is the destination for shopping with many of your go-to mall shops located here. From coffee shops and trendy brands to sit down dining and evening hanging out, CocoWalk has everything.

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