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Tips When Purchasing an Investment Property In Downtown Miami

March 30, 2018
Investment Property in Downtown Miami

Investment Property in Downtown Miami

Experts agree that now is the optimal time to invest in Downtown Miami. With one of the strongest real estate markets in the state, Downtown Miami offers the most alluring opportunities.When considering your options, there are a few strategies to consider.

Important strategies to consider before making the decision to purchasing an investment property in flourishing Downtown Miami include:

  • Purchasing a property and renting it to make profit
  • Buying a property and reinvesting by making improvements and modifications to sell it
  • Getting expert advice before investing (The Elmir Group are the leaders in Downtown Miami)
  • An investment property can be profitable as either a rental or can be remodeled and resold for a higher value.


Now is the right time, experts claim due to a perfect combination of factors making Miami real estate so attractive:

  • Steep price incentives, with many developers and sellers willing to offer 10% to 20% price reductions an oversupply of units matched with a lack of new construction and development plans for the upcoming year, which will allow the current oversupply to get absorbed causing future prices to increase a favorable tax environment due to the recent tax bill reform all benefit buyers looking to relocate to this income-tax free state.


Renting a Property in Downtown Miami:

  • Purchasing a rental property is an investment based on expectations of long-term financial gains.
  • It is crucial before making an investment to consider your location, your prospective renters, and how long-term or short-term you intend to lease.
  • Renting properties involves maintenance and dealing with tenants, but is generally easier and takes less time than flipping homes.


Re-Selling a Property in Downtown Miami:

  • Those who decide to buy and flip properties attempt to profit from fluctuations in the market value.
  • This requires speculation of potential buyers, changes in the neighborhood, and renovations to increase the value of your investment.
  • You will have to put in some work to modify and upgrade the property, so it is important to be mindful of your budget.
  • While flipping a home may be more time-consuming than renting one, it results in a much larger and faster pay-off.


Why you should consult the experts at the Elmir Group:

  • Experts recommend potential buyers always consult an agent before investing in the ever-changing real estate market.
  • There is no reason to not take advantage of the free expert advice and service provided by an agent.
    The agent’s commission is provided by the seller, in many cases the developer, which is already included in the asking price of the property regardless if you consult an agent or not.
  • You will also benefit from the many privileges provided by an agent, as they can negotiate with both developers and sellers to get you the best possible deals.
  • A well-established agent is proficient in the local market, affording you the best knowledge regarding the typical prices of the area of interest to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.
  • They can alert you to any future city plans that could change the value of the neighborhood, for example any new buildings that could potentially block your views and impact your investment.
  • Agents are impartial allies in your search for the best potential investments in a highly competitive market, ensuring you make the right move.
  • A good agent will help you avoid overpriced buildings, unreliable developers, and guide you towards the best property to satisfy your investment needs.
  • The experts at the Elmir Realty Group are at the forefront of the Miami real estate market, with years of experience specializing in the popular Downtown Miami neighborhood.


Contact Elmir Group, experts specializing in luxury real estate, for more information on this sensational ultra-luxury 2 bedroom condo for sale at the exclusive Plaza on Brickell.

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